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Akaad is a website that works toward giving you the best for all of your media needs. We have one of the largest selections of ebook titles in the world, which means that you get a full selection that will allow you to never run out of things to read.

Your subscription also allows you to access a number of other things, including:

  • Thousands of books that are licensed for your use. All of them are in an easy-to-utilize format, and you’ll find that there are a variety of ways that you can enjoy these books as well. Read what you love, because we’ve got it all!
  • We use the newest technologies in order to allow you to search for books with ease. Our services will allow you to find the most interesting and informative books on any subject"
  • View popular eBooks (in ePub format) from biographies to Non-fiction - we've got everything!

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To reach our customer service center by phone or by email, please call (toll-free) +1-877-747-0005 or +1-302-722-4141, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or send us a message

Akaad is the location for numerous e-books, that you can access anytime you desire with your Akaad membership to our multimedia website. All Akaad content offered is licensed for distribution and use and is legal. Read more about these aspects of the site on our Terms & Conditions

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